Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back again!

Sorry for being such a bad blogger! We decided to take a little trip to San Diego- kinda spur of the moment. Unfortunately my camera died while we were there and I didn't get a bunch of photos for you! These are the camels at the Zoo... We took the bus around the park first and then went to see the animals...The pandas and koalas were awesome and there was a 5 day old giraffe! Mama mia he was a big one! But very darling! Just glad I didn't need to give birth to that baby! And mine were 10lbs each!

We have also been getting the kids ready for school, they are both starting new schools and we have had to jump thru hoops with my son's school.
I also have been having some halloween fun, making these to get in the mood. The sweet and sinister swap is black and white with a touch of orange so these aren't part of that...just having fun getting back into creating! Here is one of the tags I made :
And then I put together 3 of these kits for my etsy :

And here is a pic of a cute wall hanging we made at stamp club:

And in case you needed a little beagle love:
This little girl was a little bit of a pill while we were gone...She sometimes is a rascal with Grandma, digging in her trash, refusing to eat, when we go away...but she is back to her normal (still rascally) self now that we are home!
Hope this photo infused post makes up a little for the lack-of in the last week or so! Have a great weekend! xoxo karen....


Beth Leintz said...

Did you make your orange polka dot tags? Cute- and the sewn wall hanging with the bird is great!

Laume said...

Hi - I just strolled in from the S & S Swap participant list. Nice to meetcha ya. I thought it was so funny, I took a look at your photo of the camera and went "Hey, I just took a photo of him too!" and then you wrote the same thing I did on my blog, about your camera going out halfway through the zoo. My batteries gave out halfway through. I wonder if we were there the same day? I blogged about it just a few days ago - it was a little spooky to hear what sounded like my own words on your blog. LOL.

Laume said...

Hmmm, I said "nice to meetcha" but I think I've been over here before now that I think about it.

Laume said...

Sheesh, I can't get anything right today - I mean, your photo of the CAMEL, not CAMERA. Duh!

Anonymous said...

From my daughter Annie:
"I think your dog is cute!! I like the silver on her/his face."
She is looking at blogs with me and wanted me to tell you that! Thank you for the sweet comment you left for me too!