Friday, September 5, 2008

Getting back in the Groove!

Yesterday this sweet girl started her first day of High School. Why, you ask, is she so somber? Well....she had the first day jitters and mom wanting to take a picture of her was not high on her list... She met up with her friends and has been fairly satisfied with her classes so I think all will be well.
I have been running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to get my son in his new school but he still isn't enrolled so no new pics of him.
I also started back yesterday...A mixed bag for me... I love those cute babies but I have had alot of "stuff" that is hard to do from work-looking out for my mom is one of them and it is hard to balance it all. I am just realistic that I can't do it all!
On a good note! I have been creating again and have added more goodies to my halloween shoppe! Here is a little Pumpkin head Doorhanger:

And here are my matchbox ornies....I love to make these!

Open and closed. Decorated inside and out!

Here is another one!
Fun to add to a halloween tree, branches in a vase, a small door knob... Or give as a gift:

I tried Martha' s fine black glitter, ooooo la la! I love this stuff! It doesn't really show in the pics but it is so pretty! And....a nice blogger told me it is on sale this week-25% off! Well worth the extra moola!

I am happy to be creative again! I hope you are doing what makes you happy! Talk to you soon! karen......


Connie said...

Well, I think you're very creative! And tell that child to smile for the is good - she only has 3+ years of school.......... Hah

Laume said...

My last teen started school several weeks ago and is seems to like all his classes and teachers this year. Except for Food & Nutrition which I told him he'd probably think was boring - gee, mom was right. (Not that I think Food & Nutrition is boring, I just thought HE would think that) So he transferred out of that and into a guitar class and now he's all happy.

robin dudley-howes said...

OMG these are sooo cute Karen! you have to bring them to stamp club. also loved the photo of the vegies....i love how cute vegies look from a real garden as opposed to ralphs.


jen said...

Thanks for stopping by! Love the Halloween goodies, they are super cute!

jenny holiday said...

Love your matchbox ornies! Super cute! : )

An all black and white version would be COOL! :) hint hint!! HAHA!!!

xoxo Jenny