Sunday, July 27, 2008

Flea Finds!

I had a really fun time this morning at our local flea market. I was able to sneak out early this morning and go by myself - WAHOO!!!.... I was trying to focus on sets for my etsy shoppe and found 3 pretty tins to fill with arting goodies, two old bottles..some really pretty buttons- rhinestone, plastic, mother of pearl...lots of really oldies!
I got these cute cupcake picks of the bunnies was camera shy and jumped out of the picture when I snapped it! The two sets on the left will go on etsy soon and the pineapple picks will be added to my beach babe/mermaid inspiration sets that will be coming soon also.
I couldn't pass up this pretty is called wrapping paper but it equates to our decorated tissue paper- just a little thicker!
So, I am off to wash some buttons and bottles! Hope your weekend was wonderful! hugs! karen.....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Flea Market!

I am a little late in posting today, it's my second day off of work and I was enjoying being a couch potato with my girl!
I have two offerings for today. The first is a doll, she is old but I don't know her age. Her face is composition and her body is cloth. She is in wonderful condition and would make a great addition to any doll collection.
She is $8.95 + Shipping an handling
My second offering is actually two separate sales. These are curtain panels that I bought because I loved the fabric...I wanted to make purses, flea market bags and all kind of goodies with them but I am not much of a seamstress and haven't had the heart to cut into them so I am offering them here.

The smallest panel measures 70" L X 60" W and is $8.00 + shipping and handling
The larger is 124"L X 45" W and is $12.00 + shipping for the panel
Each panel has one catch in it but could easily be worked around.
I have one more but it is so large that I didn't know how to measure it without taking it on the lawn but I will offer it for the same price of $12 if purchased with the larger piece. sold, thank you!
If you are interested just leave a comment with an email addy and I will get you a shipping price and paypal addy!
Thanks for looking! Click on the red polka dot logo on my sidebar and go see the other wonderful sellers out there! Have a great friday! karen....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bad Blog Award Recipient!

I was nominated for a blog award from the wonderful Diane of Nellies Nest. I didn't know who to nominate because I love so many different blogs, some artists, some home design blogs, some just fun and funky blogs... I have been sooo... bad and haven't even posted that I won this lovely award!

So, Instead of nominating 7 blogs, I am nominating all the blogs on my list (on right hand side) because they are all wonderful!

Thank you Diane! I feel honored and hopefully I can get back in your good graces!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Postcards on Etsy!

I have listed 4 postcard packs and some pretty german scrap on my etsy....Go see! I am off to work with my munchkins! Hope you have a great day!
While I am away, go visit d sharps blog, awesome paper art and she is having a giveaway!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Show and Tell Sunday

Sorry I am posting so late! I got ambitious and made my family a big breakfast this morning, oblivious to the fact that I didn't have this ready last night!
Anyway, show and tell is about ephemera today. I have tons of old paper goodies, I love paper! I decided to share a bit of my postcard collection with you today. This was my first passion in collecting ephemera.
Here is the album I keep most of my postcards in. I found it at Target on clearance and it is perfect. With the album is some of my floral/bird/shoe cards.....
Here are some more of my florals:
Now some glamour girls:

And next, vintage beach babes. These are the postcards that I started collecting at first and still love these seaside cuties!

And the backs are wonderful for using as backgrounds in your art!

Hope you enjoyed my little collection! Have fun visiting all the other Show and Tell Sunday bloggers! xoxo karen.....

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Flea Market

I did not get any fun finds this week for friday flea market but I know there is a bunch of fun vendors to go visit. So go click on this icon on my sidebar and shop away! I do have alot of fun art kits and some vintage on my etsy site if you would like to take a look! Have a great day! karen....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cucumbers and Squash and a pepper Oh My!

This is tonight's bounty from our little patch of garden:
And look how big it has grown! I swear it went from the last picture I posted to this one overnight!
And now I would like to introduce you to our little Oreo:
She's kinda a dork but she's our dork! She has a boyfriend ( a longtime family friend) who brings her treats when he visits and she sits like this practically the whole time he is visiting:
That is why our friend has nicknamed her :Flat Bottom!"
And this is what Oreo looks like when you scold her or she knows she is being a pill!
Hope you have a great night, I think I will go get some beagle-love!
hugs! karen......

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not exactly wordless wednesday

But almost.......
Four orphaned half dolls-but I see their beauty!

Some pretty little etsy thank you's all in a row!
I am having a summer sale on a few items in my etsy site..... have a great day!
xoxo karen.....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Treasure hunting again!

Just a warning! This post is a little longer than usual! These above are some of my thrifting, junking finds from the last couple of weeks. I got 3 containers to fill with arting supplies to add to my etsy. I am loving the little crown box!
I also found these cameos-plastic, but very nice. I got 1/3 of a mayo jar filled with old buttons...really cool, some paper posies and a small bunch of millinery and a Tracy Porter mug.
Then saturday, hubby and I went out garage saling and a lady had this huge---(I mean there is alot of yardage on this baby !) yellow crocheted lace-$4. I grabbed it! Next to it was a banged up box with what looked like alot of eyelet lace..."How much?" $2 Well, I bought it without even rummaging through it because hubby was on a bender to go to every garage sale in southern calif. and I was tired. Well.....this box had yards and yards of eyelet lace...some snippets of really pretty pink and blue, this bunch of bows with little pearls-very cute and....
a stack of old collars and dickies! The one above was very detailed but there also were....these:
And these:a pretty satin sash and more collars, these lace....
Wowzers.....all for $2!!!
What will I do with all these collars and all this lace you ask? Hmmm....well I am sharing the wealth on the lace, I will show you tomorrow the thank you gifts I am making with some of the lace...some will go into my inspiration packs on etsy and the collars???? I don't know yet! I don't have a mannequin to display them on and some of them are really cool! But I will find use for them! Any suggestions??? I have listed some german scrap on my etsy site and one more of my inspiration packs using a vintage powder box... go have a look see (click on sidebar) I will be back tomorrow! Have a great night!! karen....

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chitter Chatter

Today while looking at my new issue of Somerset Life ( I love that mag. it is so inspiring!) I heard a funny chittering noise. I tried to ignore it and then thought maybe it was the cat choking on a hairball so I ran outside. Not the cat!

The chittering was louder so I started to explore the bushes but quickly knew it was coming from above me on the telephone wire! It was Chip (or Dale), that little critter went on for 1/2 hour! I think he was scared to be up there. My mom said he had been on the roof earlier chitter chattering..... this is Southern California, house after house after nice foresty areas, except we do suspect he has been stealing some of our veggies and he does look pretty fat! What a funny guy!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hi friends! I will not be able to do friday flea market today, been busy taking my mom to dr.'s appointments but please visit all the other great vendors or stop by my etsy! The links are on the side bar! Happy Friday! karen...

Monday, July 7, 2008

More Etsy Fun!

I have put together some more fun sets tonite. Above is a vintage children's bowling set...more home decor than arting! But Very Cute eh? sold
This is a pretty handmade book and yummy vintage inspiration to add to it!

And you have to have a 1950's fun and game set to top it all off don't you? I have also added some children's book pages Go see! (on sidebar)sold

Have a great couple days! talk to you soon! karen....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Available tonight on Etsy!

Here are the sets that I promised. I have a few more in the works but it takes a little while to gather all the goodies....I like them to be coordinated well so it is fun to just unpack and create! Here are the offerings:
Small Cloche Inspiration Pack
This little sweetie is one of my favorites of the bunch! Rust and Lace you can't get better than that! It is a little hard plastic container that looks like a small cloche. It is 4 3/4" approx. and has a lace detail at the bottom. I have re-covered the bottom with a pretty floral ticking paper and a polka dot bottom. I have given you some wonderful little "display pieces" , a baby who is missing her arms, 3 rusty nails tied with gold lace, a vintage baby doll shoe, an old skeleton key, some cream lingerie lace on a wood spool and a vintage millinery flower! Oh la la!

This second set is in a really pretty shabby wood box to use for storage for your studio:
This pretty set has 2 rolls of 18" of wallpaper border, a small bottle which is half full of buttons-vintage and new, a pretty pink floral trim tied with a beaded heart, vintage soft pink lace, a small salt shaker filled with pink glass glitter, a card of 2 vintage trims, vintage paper posie bouquet and a little glitter decoration! Sparkly and pretty in pinks and blues!

My last offerings are 3 sets of 3 - 6" squares taken from the tattered quilt I bought yesterday. I like to share the wealth!
I have one little errand to do and then I will be posting them. I will also be posting some more fun sets in the next couple of days! Happy Sunday!

My Fun Finds and a trashy novel or two!

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! Wanted to show you the awesome finds I found yesterday, or at least some of them....these are some of my favorites! I got a vintage american tourister suitcase, it is in perfect condition and its round!!!!!!! I just imagine Audrey Hepburn carrying it in one of her movies....It makes me giddy! I am going to store fabric in it!
The purse was just too cute to pass up! I am going to have my friend take a look at it, it isn't lucite but it is made of plastic, brass and black lacquer and if you hold it up to the light, you can see thru it!
The tattered quilt was a steal! I can't wait to use it! I am going to make some packets up of quilt squares for my etsy shoppe also. I think this baby is going to be incorporated into my fabric book I started in Robin's class a couple of weeks ago!
And the trashy novels.....Well....I was addicted to these period pieces years ago and have a yearning to read some more this summer! A girls just gotta have fun!
I will be posting again later today, I have some wonderful new inspiration packs to put on etsy and those wonderful tattered quilt squares so stop on by a little later! kisses! karen......

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Friday Flea Market

Here I go! I have a few fun offerings for you for friday flea market. If you are interested in anything, just leave a message at the bottom of the post and include your email addy and I will get back to you. If you would like to do paypal, I will send you my paypal address or you can send me a check or money order. I'm sorry, I don't have the shipping cost figured out yet but will get that to you very soon!
All my items come from a smoke-free home but I do have pets. After you are done shopping here, click on the polka dot icon on my sidebar and you can go visit the other wonderful sellers!

My first offering is a vintage tole tray which I have made into a wonderful message/inspiration board. I have used heavy duty magnets which hold postcards, atc cards etc. The magnet are made from 2 vintage earrings and 2 large glass pebbles with vintage images. The board is old so there is a little wear and tear but not much...I like to see a little personality in my things. It is hanging from cream grossgrain ribbon. I do have one of these boards listed on my etsy site for $16 but am listing this for $10.95 + shipping to celebrate my new adventure! still available!

My second offering is a little set I put together. I love to display my vintage postcards and small pieces of art in my vintage shoe form. I have put together a vintage shoe form, a lovely postcard of a bird, flowers and a rainbow and a piece of ribbon to tie onto the horn. This would be a wonderful piece to stamp with Paris stamps or floral stamps! The postcard has been written on and I believe used in a gift but not mailed . 12.95 _ shipping now on my etsy!

Number Three is a cute set of metal rose candle holders...I can't turn away roses but just have too many candle holders. These do have some wear and tear but look really pretty and shabby. $3.00 + shipping sold -thank you!
My last offering is another shoe form set. This time the postcard is doves and is really pretty. Again, I have included some lace to decorate as you desire. This postcard has been postmarked and is dated 1913 and is in wonderful condition. 12.95 + shipping now on my etsy!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great holiday! xoxo karen....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The view from the love seat

I wanted to show you a little pic of some of the pretties on our coffee table. The inlaid heron (the bird on the left) is I think my mom's favorite gift from my dad. She just loves this bird. Another gift he gave her is the blue and white seahorse, it also came with a matching starfish and seashell. Very appropro for a summer day! And of course, who can resist hydrangeas? Not me!
I also wanted to share a picture of our Beasley. Not the sharpest tool in the shed (it took a year to teach him which end goes in the litter box) But, he's ours and we love his furry self! The cute thing about him is he walks like a ballerina, legs straight out behind him and very deliberate at times-very graceful! When I went out to take this pic, he was laying in a bed of flowers...pretty backdrop eh? Well, do you think he would stay there for another 2 seconds? Of course not! he had to sit on the concrete next to a broken brick and a rock! hmmph!

Oh! And one last thing! I am going to participate in the friday flea market this week...see how that goes! I have some goodies that I want to share and I want them to be at flea market prices not antique mall prices! I will probably upload my pictures thursday night (tomorrow) so come back and visit!
Hope your wednesday is wonderful! hugs......karen....