Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Sweet and Sinister

Well, my favorite holiday is almost here.... Sssshhhh! Don't tell anyone that I never got up my decorations this year! Between getting the gak (cold?) Working on the weekend, and just everyday life, I never made it over to storage to get our my favorite decorations! Boo!

My kids are now teens and don't trick or treat so I may see if I can hang out on my friends porch and hand out candy so I can get my fix of all the little one's in their costumes!

In my last post, I showed you what I sent Sandi. Here are the goodies she sent me!

It is really overcast out and the pictures just didn't come out well but there are lots of fun goodies, sweets, fun paper items for scrapbooking, cute halloween drink umbrellas (love those!) In the little pumpkin there are little scrolls with little fortunes and sayings. Sandi made a darling wicked cone and magic wand. The boo banner will hang on our big mirror....these and my dollar tree finds and a couple pumpkins will take me thru this halloween!

Here is the cone close up:

Such darling little girls....

And here is the magic wand up close:

And here is some of the mess from my creations...I love this kind of mess...it inspires me!

The images at the beginning are from the Graphics Fairy. She has wonderful images that she does all the graphic "fixing" that needs to be done and shares them with everyone...If you need some inspiration, go for a visit!
I hope your week has been good so far! I will be back soon! karen.....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sweet and Sinister........

Time has been passing quickly between blog posts lately...this is the season hubby and I work as Proctor's for the SAT and ACT tests. It's usually just 2 saturday's a month but those are then 6 day work weeks for us. But! I got a little nap today and thought I would show you what I sent to my sweet partner Sandi!
This is the EEK banner I made for her, it's hanging on my neighbor's fence:
Here is a little closer:

And here it is with all the other goodies I sent her:

A vintage purse with a white flower brooch (something vintage& something handmade)
A cute pumpkin plate and serving knife (something new and something thrifted)
A little halloween brooch (handmade)
A little halloween tin and See's chocolate pumpkins (something sinister and sweet)
And the banner is for the home and handmade...Oh yeah! A glitter chandelier from target because we all need one of those!
Next time I will share the goodies she sent me. Please send good thoughts/prayers her way, she lost her son recently and really needs help to heal!
See you soon! karen.....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vintage Alphabet Party......Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So today is S, T and U..... but unfortunately I have no "U's" to share with you....I know, I usually get strangely creative but I have been under the weather with the "gak" (flu? cold?) and my brain just isn't it's usual wonky self....
So..... Off we go with Salt and Pepper shakers and a salt dish......
I hope the floral shakers are vintage. I inherited them from my aunt..but they are pretty!!!
Now the next item has a little story.... A good friend gave me a pretty handmade velvet strawberry and I just love it! Well, I wanted more! I kept thinking how much I would love a dish of velvet strawberries!
Well, hubby and I stopped at the last hour of my favorite flea market after a trip and there..to my surprise, was a bag of velvet strawberries! So now I have enough to fill a little dish! I love them!
For "T" I have a teaset that my Grandma brought over from Wales.... Tea for two.....

And a teapot that haunted me for 2 weeks until I went back to the thrift store to find it waiting for me.... The colors are not my usual colors but the design was so unusual and cool that I had to have it. It will be the centerpiece of our larger thanksgiving table..holding the flowers....

Here is a closeup....it has different pictures all the way around of cherubs and goddess's...so cool!

And if you are going to have tea, you have to have bisquits...(the english refer to cookies and crackers as bisquits) so here are some tea and bisquit tins....I have way too many, these are just a few! (sorry the pic is blurry!)

Well, I hope you enjoyed your Vintage Alphabet tour....If I had some, I would share vintage undies (I love vintage slips and bloomers and pantalooons!) (My mom's bloomers were made from old feedsacks! shhhhh! don't tell her I shared that with you!)
And I would have a couple of vintage umbrella's---I love old parasols!
Hope your week starts off wonderful! karen......

Monday, October 11, 2010


I LOVE Glitterfest!!!
This show is filled to the brim with wonderful artists!!!
I took a bunch of pictures and most of them came out blurry so these are a couple from our booth.....

I did not sell this time so these are all Robin's creations, and there she is taking a little break!
Our booth was 1/2 Halloween and 1/2 a shabby look and filled with Robin's wonderful jewelry.

And this last picture was one I couldn't resist! This was a happy Glitterfest customer! He bought this to add to his collection for his bar. (he gave me his business card and I still can't find it....ooops! so sorry!)

If you come to Glitterfest uninspired...you won't leave that way! See above picture...hee! hee!

For more wonderful pictures, go visit Rita's blog Mammabellarte, she has a wonderful slide show! Have a great week! karen.....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lovin' Me Some Dollar Tree.....

Okay, so I am in Love with Halloween.... I have great childhood memories of Halloween and making Haunted houses for the younger kids in the neighborhood with the girls my age...so fun!
My birthday also falls on November 9th and I think that all worked into the fall excitement for me and Halloween was like the start of my birthday season!
If you would like some fun halloween/fall inspiration, go visit this blog....

You will find wonderful projects by a group of fantastic artists and they also sell kits! I have never been disappointed!

Here is a little vignette I made with a fun menu and some glitter skulls from the Dollar Tree... I love these silly things .... I still haven't gotten to decorating the whole house, life has been busy-busy but hopefully on Sunday. I also spent the day at Glitterfest last saturday selling with my good friend Robin and want to share those pictures with you!
Hugs until then! karen.....