Friday, August 1, 2008

Busy, Busy!

This has been another busy week for me...Dr. appointments for my mom, picking up paperwork for my now high-schooler, and squeezing in a trip to the beach between tending to these:

And to these beauties:We have had enough squash and cukes to feed our neighbors, the gardener, any friends that stop by (and their relatives) and my husband's workmates and we still have more than we should! I think people are afraid to come by because they can't leave without taking a grocery bag full of squash and cucumbers! By the way...I am looking for a good moist zucchini bread recipe. The one we had last year was kinda dry and boring!

Well, I am off to get wristbands to go to Stephanie Meyers Breaking Dawn party at Borders! Hubby and I will be there with 3 teen girls from 9:30 until after midnight when the book is released.....I am so glad we both love books! I will leave you with my friday flea market find. And a big thank you to Polly who hosts this every week! Please click on the polka dotted icon on my sidebar to visit the other wonderful sellers.

This is a pair of electrical wall sconces. They have the original paint. I bought them because we lived in a house with no overhead lighting and thought they would make a pretty addition. Soon after, we found out we were moving and wouldn't need them so they have been in storage and need a good home!

$12 for the pair. If you are interested, just leave me a message and we will go from there! Talk to you soon! karen.....

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The Urban Chic said...

Rita, email me at I love those and I have the perfect milk glass globes to go with them. Do you take paypal? Thanks for joining my birthday giveaway. Hugs, Pat