Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I am meeeellllllting......

 I hope this post finds you all enjoying your summer!  We have been dealing with record humidity out here in sunny California and I am just sure I am going to melt!  I know you east-coasters probably think "Quit your whining, we deal with that all the time!"  But we are not used to it here, don't have air conditioning and when it comes to heat and humidity....I am a wimp!

 Since it has been forever since I have posted (again) I just decided to jump right in and say hi!  (that is code for, not much exciting to share, but I miss you!)  The above picture is a little drive we took up in Palos Verdes, CA.  If you are ever in Southern, CA and want to see some beautiful sites, this is the place to go. It is beautiful!

 I am in my last week of summer school and will be off for a few weeks, I am really needing a little down time.   These are the lavender sugar scrubs I made for my coworkers before the regular school year ended.  I love this stuff and it is so easy to make!  Here is the recipe:

2 cups sugar
1 cup oil (most oils will work, no olive oil and no coconut oil because it could go bad)
lavender oil
I added lavender buds for effect because I had them on hand

Mix it up, put it in a jar and decorate the jar..Voila!

I will be back soon!  Karen....