Saturday, March 28, 2009

went to the flea.....

A friend of mine keeps telling me I need to go visit a little flea market which is held at my daughters high school. Well...she is right! It is a very small one with junk and swap meet stuff here and there but mainly it was like a parking lot filled with pretty good garage sales. She thought I could find stuff for my kits and for arting..she was again right!
Here are my finds:
Some silk rannaculas- those are just for the house, very bright and cheery. A pedestal plate-$2 a bunch of new but vintage millinery roses, 2 crepe paper flowers and a baggie of buttons....

Then there was this book.... I was walking around with it poking out of the bag a little and this guy came up to me, stopped me and asked me to see the book. I showed it to him....he was dissappointed, he said "OH, I saw it said breast on it and just had to know what kinda book it was!" I laughed, told him was a dirty old man and quickly made sure my book was no longer visible...Hmmph!!!

Then the last set of treasures I got was 3 porcelain doll sets...they are each a character from Little Women..they come with the bisque head, arms and legs, muslin for the body and a pattern for the body and dress.... what a find and they are all so pretty. I will be adding these to my etsy tonite.

Well, I am off to clean some more and then take my mom and her friend out to dinner! Happy Saturday! karen...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday (Sorry I'm a talker!)

Spring Daffodils at Trader Joes ($1.29 a bunch)............ Priceless!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Mary Ann of Rosalies Ruffles! You are all winners in my book. Thank you again for visiting my blog and I will work hard to make it a nice experience the next 100 posts!

A Buttony Day..... and Blustery too!

This morning I scooted over to our local little flea market to see what I might find. It had been raining earlier so I wasn't sure if there would be any vendors. But a few showed and I got a couple of pretties. Here is a vintage tablecloth, it looks so springy! and I also got a hand painted creamer, I just can't pass them by!
But my big scores of the week have to do with buttons. My friend Bonnie loves to go to garage sales and flea markets and has quite the eye for things. She often finds expensive pieces for very little and re-sells them. Well, her house is full and she is retired and still loves the hunt so I asked her to help me find goodies for my etsy shoppe...the things to make my kits and other yummies.
She stopped by the school on friday and look what she brought me:

A sewing drawer filled with wonderful vintage buttons and a few button cards. She was very hesitant when she told me about it..."Do you think you might like some buttons????" Whaaaa? are you kidding? I love buttons... This was a true treasure, as is she! Here is a little more detail of what is inside:

Lots of rhinestones, some pretty colored buttons, pearls, a carved bone button...Today, she was at the flea market and again, shyly said.."Ummm, you seemed to like those buttons the other day...maybe you might like these??"

You think!! Wowsa! Did I tell you she has the eye? Love that woman! Well, I guess I have buttons on the brain and have re-opened my etsy site with these pretty little button cards... Just fun little cards to display around your house or to treat yourself for your creations...

I have some kits in the works and an awesome scrapbook that I will be posting about soon! I will be back tonight to pick the winner of my blog giveaway....Thanks for visiting! karen

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Tomorrow I will be picking a winner for my 100th post.... You will win a set of my tile coasters made with vintage postcards, a pretty journal and a pretty shoe postcard..... Isabel at Maison Douce is also doing a giveaway, she has a lovely blog...go visit her! See ya tomorrow! karen....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Won! I Won! And you Can too!

I Love Blogs!!!
One of the reasons I started a blog is that I wanted to share some of the love--share pretty things in my life, my love of vintage, maybe put a smile on someone's face. My hubby teases me that I am a blog whore (said all in fun, please don't be offended!) because I love to look at all my favorites everyday. One of my faves is A Charmed Life - Melissa's blog. It's bookmarked and I love her pretty blog.... Well, she had a one year blog birthday the other day and I won! Look what I won:

Mary Engelbreit teaspoons and book about tea. I was really excited to win and when thanking Melissa, I mentioned that this would also make my mom happy because she has been having such a hard time health wise so she was sending this special gift to two people..... Well today I got my package and look what she sent:
She added two pretty Mary E. teacups with a nice note telling us to enjoy a nice tea together...How sweet was that!!!! Since we have lived with my mom, every afternoon when I come home, I make tea or coffee for us and I sit down with her and we talk about our days.... well this will sure make it more special!!!
Thank you Melissa! And go visit her will appreciate it!

This is a picture of of a house that I parked in front of to eat my lunch yesterday, It is a huge beach house. I wanted to walk around the back to show you the guest house but lost my nerve...I was afraid someone would question me... But isn't it springy with all the flowers? and I love the big tree in the middle of the front yard!

My hubby found out today that he will be only working 4 days a week...and no overtime.... his company is cutting back...The recession has really hit home. Tomorrow my school district is handing out pink slips also... I was told that my job is safe but I really feel for the people who will be affected- you don't find many bad people who work with kids! We will be okay, I am confident of that, we have suffered much worse in our family ( illness, death) Cutting back is something we all need to do, excess is not necessary. I just keep trying to remember the good things and even though today brought some bad news...look at all the pretties that did happen! Hug someone you love! karen....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck O' the Irish to Ye!

Hope you have a really fun St. Patty's Day! Feel free to copy this post card, it is from my collection.
I will be eating corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonite..How about you? Green Eggs and Ham anyone???
One year my brother made us green eggs and ham for breakfast..... I knew it was just eggs and ham with food coloring, but green ham? I just couldn't do it...I was 7, what can I say!....
Now go out and find someone to pinch.....Um I mean to Kiss, or just to enjoy the day with and don't forget....wear something green, because everyone is Irish on St. Patty's Day! karen...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Giveaway!

Helloooo my friends!!!!!
So sorry that I have been gone so long! Sometimes your life if so filled with the everyday or not so fun things that you don't want to put that on others...So I stayed quiet for a while. But! I have some pretties to share with you and am ready to get back to taking photos and blogging!
Above is a rannacula (sp?) from our porch. My mom planted them last year and we only got droopy greens but this year they are budding and this is the first flower! I love it! And really, the little vase wasn't falling down, it was just the weird position I was in to take the photo!

I also went to a little Antique fair and have gotten some goodies. I have another beautiful book to show you but can't locate it at the moment. I will do a post on this book and the other because they are so pretty on the inside:

Here are some pretty papermache painted boxes, some beautiful buttons, tiny tins, some more bottles and an awesome book with wonderful lithographs...
The book is called "My Stunt Book" and for keeping your memories of friendships and events.... never heard it referred to as a stunt book...maybe a british term?
This next photo is a little egg cup nest I made. I will be giving the little bird a crown and sugaring the little berries and her tail but I still wanted to share. I made her last night from some egg cups my mom has had for years and never used. I am making one for a friend and adding a couple to my shop.
Now......Drum Roll please!!!!
This is my 105th post giveaway!

It is a pretty journal made by me... a set of my coasters in lovely spring images and a pretty floral shoe postcard to use as decoration or in your art projects.
I am so excited to finally do this giveaway! I appreciate you all so much and have had a great time doing this blog! I look forward to your comments each day....everyone has been kind and fun and I love reaching out to all of you!!!!
I would love if you post about it on your blog but I am not requiring it ...leave as many comments as you would like! I will show you more details of the journal this week. I will draw name next sunday, March 22nd around 5pm pacific time.
Good Luck! and Happy Sunday my friends! xoxo karen....