Friday, June 27, 2008

Pink and Cream China

A couple of years ago, when my dad was in a nursing home, I slipped over to our local flea market and found a set of cream and white china for $12. I bought it for my wasn't complete: 4 plates, 3 fruit bowls and a small veggie bowl. She was thrilled! It came at a good time when she was down about the circumstances and needed a lift. Come to find out she didn't like her everyday china, my aunt had picked it out and she never liked it and always wanted pink floral china. Since then we have picked up odds and ends that go with the set but aren't necessarily the same pattern. Well yesterday I walked into my favorite thrifting haunt and found these beauties! I bought 4 plates and 3 coffee cups. My mom was very excited! As a matter of fact, she sent me back today to buy more so.... now we have 10 new plates, 1 soup bowl, a veggie bowl and 4 bread and butter plates...AHHHHH! china heaven!
The picture I am leaving you with is of a very old, very delicate pillow cover that I also found a couple of weeks is just so creamy and beautiful!

Happy Friday Night! hugs! karen.....


Diane said...

A great story! I might have some of that china, as I collect all kinds of pretty china. Also I loved seeing the picture of you and your daughter, its so nice to "see" who I am "talking" to! Can't wait to "see" more of your finds. And hang in there with your garden, it is so rewarding!!
Your journal swap partner...Diane

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Karen...I have scads of those very same dishes in a box in my garage!!!