Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun Etsy Buy! A gift for me!

I was surfing etsy the other night and came across this seller: and instantly fell in love with the sweetness of her little cards and loved all the trims and goodies she had to offer . I don't splurge very often my splurges for thrifting but I just couldn't resist! came today and look how cute it was wrapped! A present just for me! Here are the goodies unwrapped and you can see a little thank you package with teeny tiny pretty things to use in my art.
Take a look at the sweet little cards she makes. I had to buy the dotted swiss when I saw how cute her little cards came out using it in the background. So if you feel like getting yourself a cute little something....One Ripe Peach is the place! Sorry for the lipstick smudge in the background of these pics... just didn't have time to style my photos today! Happy Wednesday! karen.....


Connie said...

Those are lovely, little chickadee! I think I'll have to pay that lady a visit!

Ellen said...

so sweet of you to post my goodies on your blog...thank you so much! Enjoy your lovelies and designing with the yummy dotted fav!


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

very cute!! xo Britt :-)