Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The view from the love seat

I wanted to show you a little pic of some of the pretties on our coffee table. The inlaid heron (the bird on the left) is I think my mom's favorite gift from my dad. She just loves this bird. Another gift he gave her is the blue and white seahorse, it also came with a matching starfish and seashell. Very appropro for a summer day! And of course, who can resist hydrangeas? Not me!
I also wanted to share a picture of our Beasley. Not the sharpest tool in the shed (it took a year to teach him which end goes in the litter box) But, he's ours and we love his furry self! The cute thing about him is he walks like a ballerina, legs straight out behind him and very deliberate at times-very graceful! When I went out to take this pic, he was laying in a bed of flowers...pretty backdrop eh? Well, do you think he would stay there for another 2 seconds? Of course not! he had to sit on the concrete next to a broken brick and a rock! hmmph!

Oh! And one last thing! I am going to participate in the friday flea market this week...see how that goes! I have some goodies that I want to share and I want them to be at flea market prices not antique mall prices! I will probably upload my pictures thursday night (tomorrow) so come back and visit!
Hope your wednesday is wonderful! hugs......karen....

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Counting Your Blessings said...

Hi! So glad that you're joining us for Friday Flea Market! I've got your link on the list so you're ready to go for this week. I know that not all the sellers are particiapting this week due to the holiday but it'll be fun anyhow. Can't wait to visit with you! Blessings... Polly