Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some Dolly Love

I posted a picture of this little doll a couple of weeks ago and she was naked... no clothes for her.... On friday, I walked into one of my favorite thrift stores and
there was a gallon sized bag full of cute old doll clothes...She's not nakie any more!!!
I have grown very fond of this little girl and am so happy to dress her...Not all the clothes fit her but a few do and the picture to the left shows my favorites of the bunch! I love the vintage fabrics used in the handmade dresses and all the cute panties to match.... so much fun!
Tomorrow I start summer school, those few days went very fast! We had a heat wave here in Calif. that we aren't accustomed to and don't have air conditioning for so I was not as productive as I hoped to be...just mainly focused on staying cool. Luckily it has passed and we had a normal june day so the doggie got her shots and I got some laundry done...all those fun and necessary chores that you gotta do!
I will have to let you meet our pets soon!
Happy Tuesday evening! xoxo karen......


Connie said...

Adorable, my little cupcake!

dede warren said...

Love your cut little dolly and her new/old clothes, nice find!