Friday, June 6, 2008


First, I just wanted to share a picture of some Peonies we bought at Trader Joes. My dad always told me they were his favorite flower but they didn't grow out here in California... Now that he is gone and all of you wonderful women all over the U.S. have shared your peonies on your blog, I couldn't believe how beautiful they were! So in a pretty vase that my dad gave my mom are our peonies...purchased but beautiful indeed!

Now for my second topic and the reason for the title of this post... I have been frustrated with some of the things going on at work lately... Maybe having a start of a little pity party in my head.... Then one day I walked by our front planter and these tomatoes just stuck in my head. I kept thinking about this silly tomato bush that is growing in our front planter, amongst our gerbera daisies and hydrangea bushes. We never planted this
bush, it just popped up last year and gave us all of 3 tomatoes. We didnt thank it, just popped those babies in our mouth and said "hmph, funny tomato bush!"
Now this year this puppy is growing many tomatoes...did we fertilize it? No...
Did we give it any special TLC? No...but it is filled with beautiful and sweet cherry tomatoes...Now that is determination!
No more whining Karen.... if that little tomato bush can survive without as much as a how-do-ya-do, I can keep on going without complaint, just a little determination!
Lastly, I wanted to show you the darling card we made in stamp club last week! I just love birds and if you look closely this one even has a nest on the roof of the little house and pearl eggs to go in it! Hope you are having a great start to your weekend! Talk to you soon! karen....


twinkletoe said...

Hi Karen - Just found your blog via Robins. Its great. I loved reading all the way through. Can't believe Ben is 6'2". How time flies. I love your peonies - they are beautiful.

Love you too - Pat Woodruff

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Good Morning! I just saw your comment on my giveaway post. Unfortunately the giveaway ended on May 27th. I will have another in the near future. Be sure to keeping checking back. Love your peonies. They remind me of my dad. Take care, Martha

Fete et Fleur said...

What an amazing analogy right outside your front door!

Hugs! Nancy

Connie said...

My sweet cherub, sounds like you need some "lifting up"! Well, I'm here to do just that! Come on over and visit with me again. I'm going to add you to my blog list to try and get you more traffic - if that's alright with you. You have a delightful blog and I think you need to just post more often!!! I'm here to help you if you need it. Just click on my blog and send me a message.

Smoochies to you, girlfriend,