Sunday, June 1, 2008

Organization? Oh boy....not me.....

This is a very late show and tell blog and here is the reason:

I AM NOT VERY ORGANIZED! Scary but true. In some ways I like it because I see things with other things that I forgot I had and get really excited but.... and this is a big but! We all know how long it takes to find things when you are not organized....... a bazillion times longer than it should.

Now that we are compacted into one room- hubby's computer building hobby, my hoarding of all things vintage and arting hobby and our bedroom, I have been a little better at it. I am now using some cute containers to contain my stuff! So here ya go! Like it or not....I am NOT showing you the other messes so don't even ask! Just pretend that everything looks really pretty around these spaces okie dokie??? That would make me very happy!

This pic shows this awesome set of drawers that a man made by hand for his treasures. He was retired, built 2 houses with his sons and just loved woodworking so he kept going and this was one of his projects. It has 32 drawers. He made it and built his houses with a special woodworking kit he bought from Sears in the 1950's! You can see some of my favorite tins-filled with buttons a cute big painted tin thing that has a mish mash of goodies and some other odd and end storage containers.

This next picture is the top of an armoire that Micheal and

I originally finished as a computer desk but then refitted it to be my art closet. On top you will find my hat boxes, white wood and metal boxes, an ikea drawer set that needs new colors and some odd-n-end containers.

The picture at the top of this post is of the top of my closet....There you will find more hat boxes, button jars, my scrapbooks...yada yada..

And this last pic is a shelf on my computer table. It has one of those old, cool wooden handled boxes filled with eyecandy, I mean supplies. And a really cool pencil can made by Robin with one of her signature birdies on it....

I hope you are having a great day.....I will be back soon with some etsy additions! karen......


Shawn said...

Hi Karen I just wanted to stop by and tell you I love your panel for the birds and bonne's swap. I'll treasure it :) Take care Shawn

Fete et Fleur said...

You look pretty organized to me! I love the wooden drawers they are beautiful!

xx Nancy