Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hello Again!

Hi again!

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, just puttering around the house, watching movies (dvd) and went out to eat on monday night. The kids were around alot of the time (and weren't bickering the whole time!) so we got to enjoy them also!

Rissy and I got to go to my favorite little Antique Flea Market on Sunday and met Robin there and I got a few fun things so I thought I would share them with you! You will also see some of the goodies I have collected over the past 2 weeks and haven't shown you....

I am really trying to get my etsy site going and alot of these goodies will be coming to my etsy, either on their own or in a kit....So enjoy some eye candy on me!
The Emeraude (green and cream) box will be filled with glamour images and accessories to create with. The little basket purse will have a ribbon added to close it and also be filled with fun, probably children -inspired art goodies.
I got lots of lace and some millinery flowers and 2 men's shoe forms which I will decorate and put up also. I love all the feather plumes that I found in one bag....I wonder where they will end up? Oh yeah! and the pink face powder box is called Madame Du Barry powder! How Marie Antoinette!
Have a great night! karen


Beth Leintz said...

Oh yeah- fun fun stuff! We defintly like the same vintage!

Fete et Fleur said...

I love the powder!

xx Nancy

Courtney said...

what a sweet blog, Rita! I've enjoyed looking around. Thanks for commenting over at Nesting Instincts and I've entered you in my giveaway!