Saturday, April 11, 2009


Warning! These pictures may be a little blurry, I tried to take them in natural light in the house and when I first woke up and this is what happens when that happens!
The picture above is the rannaculas I bought at a flea a couple of weeks ago and a little vintage decoration from my childhood tucked in.
This is a little vignette I did yesterday.... we are not having a big ta-doo for Easter this year, my mom isn't up to it so I have been a little slow to decorate.

Here is a little village that I painted when I was little..... I have very few things from my childhood, including pictures because we had a fire when I was 8 and lost alot but somehow these made it....tucked amongst the linens....

Here are a couple more vintage decorations, a pretty bread basket linen my mom made years back and some little roosters made for me as a child....Oh and don't forget those chalkware lambs.... I will be putting these out today.

This is a pretty treat cone made for me by Jill. She and I swapped supplies and she sent me this....thank you Jill!

And here is my Pay it Forward gift from Kecia! A cute little journal layered with fabrics, papers and trims...I love it!
Well off to get rid of the clutter I didn't show you and start dyeing eggs!
Hope you have an egg-cellent day! karen......


Samantha said...

Love your sweet little Easter's amazing that it was safe. Very special indeed! Your little PIF is adorable too!

Bee Serendipitous said...

Hi Karen! I just love all your Easter goodies...and little book from Kecia is darling...hope all is well..ENJOY! Grace & Peace 2 "U" :O) Marlene

Petit Coterie said...

Thank you so much for stopping by
my blog. It's always so nice to travel around the blog world and see all the creative people. Your
Easter village is adorable.

Jill said...

Neat to see the cone hanging in someone else's home. That little journal looks so interesting!