Thursday, April 9, 2009

A nest banner and meet daisy!

Here are a couple more Easter postcard images for you from my collection!
I got my package in the mail from Jerri, my spring banner swap partner. I told her I love birds and here is what she made me:

My pictures are not the best but it says nest and it is made up of 4 glittery nests and a glittery bird in the first nest. Very Sweet! Thank you Jerri!

This is a side view...she used tatted little flowery thingy's in the background and sewing pattern paper as a background paper, very pretty!

Now, meet Daisy!

Yes, this is actually Oreo, our little beagle but she became chewy about 3 days ago and about chewed off her hind side so we had to put on the cone!
She is getting lots of love and attention and I have been telling her she looks like a sweet daisy..... Well, Marissa my awnry I mean very honest daughter came up behind me and said " She looks more like a lightbulb!!!" can I not laugh at that???
We love you little lightbulb!!! hee! hee!
Have a great Thursday! karen....


Bee Serendipitous said...

Hi Karen...Ohhh Oreo looks cute..but she does look like a light bulb - see she is ahead of the game for halloween, she can be a light your banner! Peace 2 "U" Marlene

Diane said...

Poor little Oreo....but she looks so content in her new "hat"....looks like a pretty banner you received.

Maija said...

Oh what a sweet beagle!!
You know I have a soft spot for them!