Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Sweet and Sinister Swap-What I Sent Out

Jenny got her package so now I can share! I had so much fun putting this all together and I think she was genuinely happy so I am happy....

For her sweet she got a witches hat filled with See's chocolate pumpkins and some hot cocoa...

For her thrifted, I added a white millinery flower and buttons to a vintage black purse and inside she had some halloweeny cupcake pics and a bridge card.

My big handmade project was her boo banner:

Here are a couple of close-ups :

And this....
This was the purchased for the home item....a nicole sayer has a little paper mache pumpkin inside. I put it in the black box it is sitting on:

I also made a black and white matchbox ornie and a handmade halloween pin and this pretty lady was something sinister along with a finger candle that oozes green wax!

She is standing in a little pumpkin name card holder... She says: Forget the ghosts, beware of me!

I know some of you are not as fond of halloween as I am but bear with me! I will be on to something new in a couple of weeks!!!
have a boo-tiful week! xoxo karen....

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Anonymous said...

Recycled Rita,

I really like your blog and the cute collection of vintage items.

-Sandra T. (A.V.)