Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fun Workshop and a walk in Redondo Beach

Today I went to a workshop at Robin's...we had alot of fun! She had lots of yummy food, mimosa's, cheesecake and fun projects for us all to do. We tried out the new Big Shot from Stampin' Up, that puppy is cool! It is a die cut machine that even cuts plastic and wood! Above is a little hanger that I bought from her, I love it!

On another note: I have been taking my camera during lunch and photographing houses that I love...It has been hazy down at the beach lately and some of the pics didn't come out so well but here are a couple:
This pretty porch is right down the block from the school where I work...Just add some pumpkins and some cozy cushions to those chairs and I would be a happy camper!

And this little gingerbread house would make an awesome haunted house...We don't see many victorians in Calif. and I found this beauty the other day and thought it would be fun to show you...
I was across the street and I don't have a wonderful camera so I tried to get a close up of some of the gingerbreading....(is that a real word?)

They have some goblins on the porch...hmmm maybe it is haunted!

Well that's all for today! Hope your weekend is wonderful! karen....

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