Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's Heeere!!!!!!!!!!

My Sweet and Sinister Package arrived today!!! Yipee! Woohoo! I know you probably think I am off my rocker for loving halloween so much but I go with me okay? Jenny was so generous! She spoiled me with wonderful things!

Here are the packages all wrapped up with a cute tag and card and the wonderful spooky tree :Along with the darling tree, Jenny sent some glass orange and black balls to decorate it and here are some yummy treats also, a pumpkin chocolate treat and some corn on the cob popcorn!

Here is a wood wallhanging...the picture doesn't show the details as well as I would like but isn't it wonderfully witchy?

Next is an AWESOME shadow box. I couldn't get a really good picture of the inside but it is really cool. With it are some really cute nut cups with Jenny's cupcakes on them and a bat garland...

Here is a close up of the shadow box...still doesn't do it justice! It has a 3D black glitter heart and a collage inside....Just love it!!!!
Now for a lovely black vase (didn't have one and I saw some flowers at JoAnn's that I now have an excuse to buy! ), a darling treat cone- I love the Charlotte image! And a great smelling candle and cute trick or treat plate...
Isn't this fun???!!!!And last but not at all least....A wonderful signature piece of Jenny and Aaron's!
I'd secretly hoped I would get one! Love it!!!
I think you can tell, even through the computer that I am thrilled! Thank you Jenny and Aaron! I can't wait to go put everything out and maybe eat a little chocolate (yummy!)
PS....Please don't count how many times I used the word wonderful...I just can't help myself!
Hugs and Boo's (in a spooky way!) karen.....
PSS.... blogger is not showing my comment button so if you would like to email me, I would love to hear from you...I am hoping this gets fixed soon, my first issue with them. Here is my email addy:

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dede warren said...

Hey Karen,

I was in a swap and had Jenny as my partner a few years ago, doesn't she send the best stuff?! You're a lucky girl, and I'm so happy you had the chance to swap with her. Such great stuff you're sure to love!!