Thursday, October 23, 2008

Artsy Mama's Autumn Gathering

I am so late posting! My computer (modem) is on the blink and my husband figured out the weirdest way to get it our cell phone!!! #1 What made him think of that? and # 2 How in the world did he figure that out?
Something about the Direct TV people using something of ours which is connected to the phone line???? So...if you come to our house you need to call my cell phone to use my modem....go figure!
Now! On to the fun stuff!
You have all seen alot of my halloween goodies from the swap but now they are in my house and here are some pics of my little vignettes:
This is a picture of a BOO banner I made last year. It is hanging on a mirror in our living room, looks like it is in the middle of the room huh?You can see my mom sitting in her reading chair in the background!

Here is the coffee table...I like to keep it simple. There is a vintage black feather plume and a large vintage white flower, my candle and plate from Jenny and a cute little pumpkin and tart warmer!

Some Autumn pretties on my mom's side table. The vase was from Jenny, the bird a gift from Italy from a friend.....

My favorite Cat pillow!! I have had him a few years and love to bring him out!

Another old friend, She is made of felt...just makes me happy!

My sweet tattered angel with some fall flowers in a painted watering can:

And...our biggest display on top of the entertainment center:

And a close-up of some of the goodies there:
I made the hat last fall and the little cat was from a swap...I love white pumpkins!
Here is the other side. My awesome tree from Jenny, my beautiful shadow box also made by her (which will remain in my decor long after the holiday!) My long skinny pumpkinhead (TJ Maxx in June $3.00!) Frankensteins bride (this is for the kids) and more little goodies in between:

Well, I hope you enjoyed it! I will be decorating our credenza soon and you know me...I will probably post a picture!
Go visit the other wonderful people, and thanks Kari for having a fun Autumn party for us all to go visit!


sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

I'm not so sure it is 'simple'. It is pretty intricate and full to me. So many halloween things to fill your home

robin dudley-howes said...

Yay! I can post again! Glad to see your banner...we need close ups. It's so spooktacular (that was bad!). Lets go to the antique street faire this Sunday, kay? I will show you my newest creation.. it's with a frozen charlotte and I LOVE it!


inge said...

hello Rita,

your banner is a real eyecatcher in your house. I also like the halloweentree !

greetings from belgium

Kris said...

Love the cat pillow! Happy Autumn and thanks for having me,

Elizabeth said...

You won my giveaway!
I contacted you by e-mail!

fridayfleamarket said...

Happy Friday! Just popping in for a quick visit for FFM. Have a beautiful weekend. Blessings... FFM Staff

Maija said...

I have gotten some amazing stuff from TJ Maxx and Ross- they clear it all out after the holidays!

Maija said...

And your vignettes are wonderful!