Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Mayday!

Okay, for some of you...May Day has passed, it is now May 2nd on the east coast but I am always a day late and a dollar short! (but loveable....I promise!)
I participated in the May Basket swap put on by Kari- is a fun swap and I had a
wonderful partner...Lorraine of Over the Rainbeau blog fame.
She was a wonderful partner and only lives about 3 hours from me so we are going to meet in person in June...
We decided to do mostly thrifted and handmade for each other and boy did she send me some wonderful things. Above is the darling banner that she decorated the wonderful wall tin with... It is already hanging in my living room!
Above is a wonderful Marie Antoinette shoe that she made...she sells them on her etsy... I love it!

My basket was filled with lovely handcrocheted doilies and vintage crepe paper in my favorite color, a darling journal and tag, a sweet hydrangea flower wrapped in a paper doily a wonderful flower pin, wallpaper and the cutest flower candlestick holder...

There is a bird in a birdcage stamp, a vintage postcard, a pretty white hand towel and some yummy candy! It was great fun, Lorraine is so talented and I made a new friend to boot!

hope your may day was fun too! Thank you so much Lorraine, you were a wonderful partner! Yesterday, my friend Robin and I did a vintage and handmade show in Huntington Beach and I am still tired! So.... I am off to bed! zzzzzzzz.....karen.....

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