Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Giveaway!

Helloooo my friends!!!!!
So sorry that I have been gone so long! Sometimes your life if so filled with the everyday or not so fun things that you don't want to put that on others...So I stayed quiet for a while. But! I have some pretties to share with you and am ready to get back to taking photos and blogging!
Above is a rannacula (sp?) from our porch. My mom planted them last year and we only got droopy greens but this year they are budding and this is the first flower! I love it! And really, the little vase wasn't falling down, it was just the weird position I was in to take the photo!

I also went to a little Antique fair and have gotten some goodies. I have another beautiful book to show you but can't locate it at the moment. I will do a post on this book and the other because they are so pretty on the inside:

Here are some pretty papermache painted boxes, some beautiful buttons, tiny tins, some more bottles and an awesome book with wonderful lithographs...
The book is called "My Stunt Book" and for keeping your memories of friendships and events.... never heard it referred to as a stunt book...maybe a british term?
This next photo is a little egg cup nest I made. I will be giving the little bird a crown and sugaring the little berries and her tail but I still wanted to share. I made her last night from some egg cups my mom has had for years and never used. I am making one for a friend and adding a couple to my shop.
Now......Drum Roll please!!!!
This is my 105th post giveaway!

It is a pretty journal made by me... a set of my coasters in lovely spring images and a pretty floral shoe postcard to use as decoration or in your art projects.
I am so excited to finally do this giveaway! I appreciate you all so much and have had a great time doing this blog! I look forward to your comments each day....everyone has been kind and fun and I love reaching out to all of you!!!!
I would love if you post about it on your blog but I am not requiring it ...leave as many comments as you would like! I will show you more details of the journal this week. I will draw name next sunday, March 22nd around 5pm pacific time.
Good Luck! and Happy Sunday my friends! xoxo karen....


LiLi M. said...

Congrats on your 105th post! I love your prize and I love what you bought yourself. I never have heard of a stunt book either. I'm fond of tiny tins, as I collect vintage play shops and I use them inside as the dolls want to have something to shop too!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Oh, congrats on your 105th post Karen! I would love a chance to win this gorgeous journal!

simplydelicious said...

Congratulations on your post #105! Takes stamina to stick with it....I would love to be considered for a chance to win your pretties!!

Maija said...

Congrats on your 105th post! Please toss my name in the hat!

RosaliesRuffles said...

I am so glad you listed your web blog on Etsy Cottage Style! Your blog is beautiful and was very interesting to read and look at.

Mary Ann

bluemuf said...

Hi Karen What a fantastic giveaway. Happy 105 Posts. You have a lovely blog.


Maison Douce said...

Congratulations, our blogs are both centenarians!! I would love to be a part of your giveaway, you are very talented...!

maryboys said...

please add my name to the list:)

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Happy 105! Lovely giveaway stuff, count me in. And I loved the post on Button Floozies. Those white buttons with the leaf cutout are very cool.

Marilyn said...

Love all the things you ahve on the give away. Congratulations on105

Samantha said...

Pretty prizes, am I too late? Congratulations on 105 posts!