Saturday, February 28, 2009


This is what I was greeted with today from a sweet blogger friend..."Where are you????? "I'm here! Just been super busy with the must do kinda stuff, and a little blue. But that funk is lifting thanks to good friends and family.... Look what my good friend Robin gave me:

Isn't it the best when you have a friend that "gets you?" She always knows what brings me joy...and it could be the littlest treasure but how could you stay in a bad mood when you walk by this little bit of goodness? I will eventually make something with these pretties but for now they are just wonderful inspiration just as they are! Thank you my sweet friend!

I also wanted to post to the year of color flicker pool for pink and thought I could share the pics with you too...
Just a little vignette of pretty pink things:
A shabby trim card made for my etsy site last year:

And some pretty vintage beaded heart embellishments.....

I will be back, I promise! I am off to a little fabric/trim shoppe to find goodies to make some kits....Have a great Saturday! karen....


Ramona said...

Karen, Karen, Karen...your blog is lovely...I have enjoyed being here. Great pictures and yummy goodies for the eyes. Thank you for stopping by my neck of the woods to say hello...I will visit again and has been fun.

Have a great week...and send some sun up to Oregon if you please!

Smiles ~ Ramona said...

going back to hospital
Hi darlings,just visiting and to let y'all know I will be going back to hospital Monday to have a kidney removed.hope to be back home in a few weeks and get to talk and visit with y'all.I miss being on here to chat and see what everyone is doing and creating.xxoo

This is Dusty,one of Mama's daughters.She has had a really bad night with the pain,If any of her friends here would like to see a donation in a small creation of art , cards or money it would be greatly appreciated. Her hospital bills and meds are running high.Thank you for any thoughts.
It can be sent to
Jessie LaVon 854
Demopolia ,Alabama 36732

Birds of a Feather said...

hi rita ~ thanks for stopping by, and i know what youmean, i' wonder how those little birdies survive too!

what lovelies you've got there ~ thanks for sharing!
xo heidi

Maija said...

I am not at all surprised at Robin's kindness- she is such a lovely intuitive person!

LiLi M. said...

That gift is really awesome!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Hi Karen, love the beautiful treasures you received! so pretty.

You had asked about my ledger on my blog... I DID use the pages on the inside as my pages... I kindof took out pages every so often and then glued a few pages together to make one nice thick page.

Seems to be working pretty well.

Hope you have a great weekend! thanks for visiting.. xo Heather

robin dudley-howes said...

ah hem! Now is who is the lacky missy? hmmmm? gotta post! just kidding. Hope you are okay.