Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Buttony Day..... and Blustery too!

This morning I scooted over to our local little flea market to see what I might find. It had been raining earlier so I wasn't sure if there would be any vendors. But a few showed and I got a couple of pretties. Here is a vintage tablecloth, it looks so springy! and I also got a hand painted creamer, I just can't pass them by!
But my big scores of the week have to do with buttons. My friend Bonnie loves to go to garage sales and flea markets and has quite the eye for things. She often finds expensive pieces for very little and re-sells them. Well, her house is full and she is retired and still loves the hunt so I asked her to help me find goodies for my etsy shoppe...the things to make my kits and other yummies.
She stopped by the school on friday and look what she brought me:

A sewing drawer filled with wonderful vintage buttons and a few button cards. She was very hesitant when she told me about it..."Do you think you might like some buttons????" Whaaaa? are you kidding? I love buttons... This was a true treasure, as is she! Here is a little more detail of what is inside:

Lots of rhinestones, some pretty colored buttons, pearls, a carved bone button...Today, she was at the flea market and again, shyly said.."Ummm, you seemed to like those buttons the other day...maybe you might like these??"

You think!! Wowsa! Did I tell you she has the eye? Love that woman! Well, I guess I have buttons on the brain and have re-opened my etsy site with these pretty little button cards... Just fun little cards to display around your house or to treat yourself for your creations...

I have some kits in the works and an awesome scrapbook that I will be posting about soon! I will be back tonight to pick the winner of my blog giveaway....Thanks for visiting! karen


Samantha said...

Love all the buttons! Your creamer is super pretty too. Been reading for awhile, but at first I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment. So glad that I am able to now. Looking forward to seeing the new kits!

Beth Leintz said...

Love your buttons-I think you had a good haul! The cards you've made are darling.

LiLi M. said...

There is nothing better than those buttons, they are all so beautiful, I especially love the rhinestones! There are so many nice people around. I love what you did with buttons on the cards. Welcome to the button floozies!

Maija said...

Oh so yummy!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you lucky girl these buttons are amazing!! love them all