Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Won! I Won! And you Can too!

I Love Blogs!!!
One of the reasons I started a blog is that I wanted to share some of the love--share pretty things in my life, my love of vintage, maybe put a smile on someone's face. My hubby teases me that I am a blog whore (said all in fun, please don't be offended!) because I love to look at all my favorites everyday. One of my faves is A Charmed Life - Melissa's blog. It's bookmarked and I love her pretty blog.... Well, she had a one year blog birthday the other day and I won! Look what I won:

Mary Engelbreit teaspoons and book about tea. I was really excited to win and when thanking Melissa, I mentioned that this would also make my mom happy because she has been having such a hard time health wise so she was sending this special gift to two people..... Well today I got my package and look what she sent:
She added two pretty Mary E. teacups with a nice note telling us to enjoy a nice tea together...How sweet was that!!!! Since we have lived with my mom, every afternoon when I come home, I make tea or coffee for us and I sit down with her and we talk about our days.... well this will sure make it more special!!!
Thank you Melissa! And go visit her will appreciate it!

This is a picture of of a house that I parked in front of to eat my lunch yesterday, It is a huge beach house. I wanted to walk around the back to show you the guest house but lost my nerve...I was afraid someone would question me... But isn't it springy with all the flowers? and I love the big tree in the middle of the front yard!

My hubby found out today that he will be only working 4 days a week...and no overtime.... his company is cutting back...The recession has really hit home. Tomorrow my school district is handing out pink slips also... I was told that my job is safe but I really feel for the people who will be affected- you don't find many bad people who work with kids! We will be okay, I am confident of that, we have suffered much worse in our family ( illness, death) Cutting back is something we all need to do, excess is not necessary. I just keep trying to remember the good things and even though today brought some bad news...look at all the pretties that did happen! Hug someone you love! karen....

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Charmed Life said...

Hi Karen!

I'm so glad your package arrived safely. Thank you for your sweet words. Hope you have a happy day!