Friday, December 19, 2008

The Christmas Hobo Dog

This is a story about our little beagle Oreo and her love of her Christmas collar.

Marissa and I spotted a cute red felt collar at Target in the dollar section ($2.50) for our pup Oreo and thought she would look cute in it for the holidays.
We couldn't wait to put it on her so on it went right when we got home. We really didn't know how much she loved it until it started to fall apart and Grandma took it off to see if she could repair it. Oreo whined and nudged her collar with her nose to get Grandma to put it back on. While it was being repaired, Oreo sadly went over to her pillow and sulked. The minute she got it back she ran around happily wagging her tail.... It was hard to believe she was really that affected by her collar until it really started to shred......
Here is the photo:

We took it off to throw in the trash and she cried an whined and nudged that raggedy thing..... My mom finally decided to make a new one and we put it back on her until it was finished. She was dubbed the christmas hobo dog from skid row. Well, we found the fabric among her huge collection of fabric, but she couldn't find the elastic. Finally, I dug out a piece of elastic and my mom made a pretty collar, removing the bells from the old one to add to the new one.

Oreo was distant and sulky until she was decorated once again with her new collar!

Well........ 2 days later we all started to notice that the collar seemed to be growing...Hmmmmm....... "What is this???"

It now was around the top of her chest....Hmmm.... "Maybe the elastic was old"

Last night my mom started giggling. She could barely get out "come look at the dog!"......

This is how I found her:

And here is the side view
Well, we are off to Christmas shop when hubby gets home at noon today. I think one stop will be at the fabric store for some new elastic...

Or.....maybe we will just have a dog with a christmas tutu!

Have a happy friday! karen.....


Diane said...

Silly dog!!!! My dog has a scarf that says "santa's helper" on it...hope to get a picture up on Christmas Day! Oreo...cute name for a doggie!!!

Maija said...

Crazy clever little beagle!