Sunday, June 3, 2012


 What a busy time it has been for my family! My sweet daughter will be graduating in just a few days.  All the activities that lead up to that have kept us on the go.... Prom, senior trip, finishing community service requirements and of course shopping for all the fun goodies for all the activities....
My cute son has his first exciting!
And on top of that my hubby and I have been working at our day jobs and fluffing and shopping for our booth.

 This morning we got the call that all booth owners want to hear,  "You sold your large dresser, come in and bring stuff!"
We had just been there yesterday morning but we were just so happy!  We buzzed around and gathered and tagged some goods that we have collected and headed out.

We need to get some key pieces in but for now there are plenty of fun goodies to shop for...

I have not shared pictures of my family for a long time because someone once left a mean comment about my daughter and hurt her (Lilli, you know who you are)
But I am soooooo proud of my girl and want to share a picture of her before she left for prom.  She is as sweet and smart as she is pretty and I just wish a wonderful life for her.....

But isn't that we all wish for our children...My heart is full!
Have a wonderful week, I will stop by when I can.

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Cerri said...

Such exciting times! I hope your daughter has been enjoying the last bits of her senior year.
She is beautiful and I am so sorry anyone would ever say something mean on your blog! That person should be ashamed of themselves. I don't understand why someone would feel a need to be hateful on another person's blog either.
Anyway, I wish her much happiness and success in her future.
Hugs to you too, It's emotional times for us too. :)
Cerri xoxo
PS..didn't we both graduate our children together in 2010 as well?