Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trying homemade chalk paint

 I love my hubby!  I had a weekend of junking planned but ended up with a sinus infection and 3 days of migraines instead. I was so upset!  So, on saturday my cute husband went out to garage sales and came home with 3 tables, 3 mannequins and 3 flower frogs!
The above sofa table is so cute but it had some major stains on the top so I decided to try homemade chalk paint.....

 I used the 2/3 paint to 1/3 plaster of paris and some water mix.... It covered really well and was so easy to use. The picture makes it look kinda lavender but it is more of a grey with blue undertones.  I love the result. It does feel kinda rough when it is finished but I had some Anne Sloan clear wax and finished it off with that and it felt much better. I really didn't get good in-depth pictures because I needed to take it to the booth today but at least you get the idea!

Below is another table he got, it is so darling and perfectly chippy. In this picture it looks very beige but it is actually a greenish color.

I did make it to an estate sale last week and I want to share more with you but summer school starts tomorrow and I need to get ready to get up early and see my cute little rascals.
Those little guys (and girls) sure can make me tired but I so miss them when I am away from them!
Hope your week is starting off well!  karen....

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Amber said...

Your paint job looks fabulous! AND, you are a smart cookie! :) Hope you are feeling better, Karen! xo, A