Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day to all of you! When I was a little girl, my best friend Phyllis and I would take strawberry baskets, wind ribbon or yarn thru them and fill them with just anything we could find that we thought our neighbors would like. We even asked our moms to make hard boiled eggs to put in them....Nobody told us that flowers were the theme of the day. We liked to give them to the people we thought needed them the most... Stephi and Willy - the elderly couple 2 houses down, or Tad who lived on his own and we thought that was lonely. We would put them on their door steps and ring their door bells and run. I don't remember ever learning about mayday in school or dancing around the maypole- hey I did go to LA Unified! Maybe we confused mayday with a combination of easter and ding-dong doorbell ditch but I think our hearts were in the right places and we put smiles on a few faces!
Hope your day had a little spring sweetness in it and your weekend starts off great! hugs and flowers ( I'm getting it right this time!)

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jenny holiday said...

Happy Happy May Doll!!!!!!
xoxo Jenny