Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Little surprise in the garden and some flea finds!

Last year we planted this pretty flower (foxglove?) I can't remember the name, but I thought it was a gonner because Oreo, our angelic little beagle, decided to start digging at the age of 7 and dug up a bunch of our bulbs (go figure! she doesn't dig for 6 years and then all of sudden....)
Anyway, I thought I would share it with you...I just love how unusual it is!

Last week, I went to our local little flea market. I didn't find much, and a couple of things will go to my May Basket partner Marilyn so I will show you those later but I did find this lovely little creamer for $2, and I have a really pretty bowl in the same pattern so I was really excited.....

And, I was able to get some really fun paper items that I just loved too!

Just thought I would share some little lovelies! Happy Sunday! xoxo karen....

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just surfed on into your blog and loved looking at all your bits