Wednesday, May 13, 2009


One thing that we have been doing is being tourists in our own area lately on the weekend. It's simple, inexpensive and we live in a really nice area to be a tourist! Remember the photos of Redondo Beach homes from a recent post? Well this is Palos Verdes, it is also called "the hill" by locals. It is a very wealthy (no...I don't live here)
area that overlooks Malibu, Catalina and all the local cities and if you drive around you are in San Pedro which overlooks our LA harbor.
Here is a view of the cliffs:

And I tried to show you a plane flying by so you could use it as a gauge to how high we were but it came out blurry....

And here is the side of the hill where you can see our local beaches and to the far left is Santa Monica and Malibu...If you end up in the south bay of southern cal. ask to see Palos Verdes....there is the glass church, Portugese Bend where the ground never stops moving. All the piping is above ground and they re-tar it 5days a week. And...many beautiful vistas to enjoy!!!
Now for some fun goodies.... Beth sent me this wonderful, very old ledger paper! She has a fun ebay and etsy shoppe so go visit her!

And look at this orb-thingie I found for .25 cents. My mom doesn't get it but I soooo do! It will be painted soon and added to the garden.

And just for something pretty, here is that little doll I showed you a while back added to a little vignette in the living room, she makes me happy!

I will be posting again soon to tell you the woes of my Marie A. canvas but blogger won't let me download any more pictures so I can't do it now!
Hope you have a great rest of your week...go wander around your town and find something to love about it!

xoxo karen.....


Marlene aka QBeeC said...

Hello Ms. Bluebird...I just love the pictures of the water views totally awesome...and your garden piece is whimsical I like it...I too am going to do the same in a town next to mine called Red Bank - I'm going there as a tourist - I'll keep you posted...I think its going to be a lot of fun...oh by the way the pity party is canceled not sure if there will ever be a rescheduling date....well have a honey of a night and sweet dreams! Grace & Peace 2 "U" Marlene :O)

Rose Brier Studio said...

Great photos. The make me a bit homesick. I first encountered Portuguese Bend when I decided to drive from Ventura to Newport Beach on the coast route. I obviously was trying to get to my destination the slow way! My mom had talked about it forever (she was born in LA in 1929), and it was so fun to see. Thanks for sharing. It's fun to know all the towns you mentioned!