Saturday, September 27, 2008

Halloween on the Brain!

I know I have confessed my love of halloween before.... It has mellowed with age but the passion for it is still in my heart!

When I was a little girl, my best friend and I were inseparable. We were so connected that our grade school put us in different classes because they said we were like twins! We fooled them! We started our own sign language so that when Phyllis was benched (which was often) I could converse with her out of the window of my class!
Well...we were the oldest in the neighborhood along with 2 other girls from the next block with lots of younger girls to play with so we decided we would make a haunted house for them. It started out as a ride....I do live in Calif. and Disneyland was a dream! But the wagon just didn't cut it and we had a playroom in my house that was perfect and the wagon wouldn't fit into our haunted room so it became a walk-thru. We hung thread from the ceiling for spider webs, my friend hid in the window seat "coffin" and imerged as they came through, another friend was dead on the bed with dead roses in her hand..we had a wig head and grey wig that became another dead person, spooky haunted sounds on the record player.... You get the idea!
Fun, fun fun! Those silly haunted houses went on for years, we never tired of them!
I also loved being in the halloween mom made most of my costumes and one year I won! The prize was a herman munster puppet(tells you how old I am!)....I still have it and when I pull out all my halloween goodies I will show you....
I have many other great halloween memories, this is why I am so excited to be in the Sweet and Sinister Swap, a way to keep up the fun memories I have for the season and make more. Today my tutorial for the swap blog has been posted so I also wanted to have some cute images for anyone who would like them to use so feel free to copy these halloween images for your projects!
I hope this finds you having a boo-tiful weekend...I am off to go make more goodies for my swap partner...
Talk to you soon! karen....


ArtsyMama said...

Thanks for the adorable images and the wonderful tutorial!!!!
I feel the same way about Halloween. LOVE IT!

samantha said...

Love your blog! And love your etsy too! Thanks so much for the matchbook tutorial on the S&S blog...super cute!