Monday, April 14, 2008


Well, hubby came to the rescue again! He helped me resize a photo for etsy and now I think....notice I didn't say know, how to do it!!!

I so wanted to show you pics of my milinery goodies and my vintage hankies like some of the other bloggers are doing for Show and tell Sundays but hopefully I can participate in some of the other show and tell days....

Instead I will show you a pic of a little inspiration area on my desk which at least includes some of the milinery goodies!
I am trying so hard to make our bedroom not only functional but inspirational because we not only use it for sleeping, it is my art supply room and my husbands computer-fiddling with room....(computers are not pretty or inspiring to me!) So way of doing this is to add little "pockets" of inspiration around here and there. Did I tell you guys we joined houses with my mom last year? Anyway, that being said...this is my little pretty area to enjoy when I am hanging out with you on the computer!

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