Saturday, April 19, 2008

A little more thrifting!

I was able to slip into a thrift store on my lunch which was new to me. I had been told by others that it was just a "junkie" shop...Well, boy howdee! I can't wait to have more time to explore. It is one of those hospital thrift stores run by volunteers and there are piles of "stuff" everywhere!

I have posted pics of the 2 things that I got, a vintage stocking organizer in the palest , prettiest shade of pink satin and a small boudoir pillow about 6" wide that my mom said was probably a sachet at one time and she thinks it is from the 30's.

I posted pics...the pillow has a heart made from some awesome fabric underneath and then it is crocheted over with multicolored yarn and then tied with a beautiful old satin ribbon. This beauty will be fluffed, stuffed with lavender and added to my etsy shop soon!

I hope you are having a nice Thursday! I can't wait to watch Grey's Anatomy tonite!

Talk to you soon! karen....

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Sarah said...

I love thrifting too! Isn't it amazing what all kinds of great things you can find that other people think is junk? People don't see the beauty of less than perfect things - it is to bad too, because they miss so much beauty in this world.