Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Break-yeah!/Spring Cleaning-uggh!

Well, because I work for a local school district, I had last week off!!! Hurray, yippee, wahoo!!!
I really needed this break and had some fun and did some much needed cleaning also!
It feels good to do both. We went away over night to a hotel about an hour away and swam and relaxed, thrifted some, ate out-yum! That was alot of fun!
My hubby found a dresser for our room/my art space so we rearranged and cleaned and it is not finished but already so much better.
Since my computer is acting funky and my camera doo-hickey is not hooked up to upload new pics, I will upload some photos that are banked for you to look at, because I hate it when there aren't any pics don't you???

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