Monday, July 29, 2013

The Ups and the Downs and Check out this chair!

 My Oh My this has been a rough few weeks! 
This sweet little pup, Squeak, decided to play chase with the cat who outweighs her by 4lbs and she lost! To the tune of a herniated disk and loss of the use of her hind legs.... Poor Baby!

She is doing much better, but it has been scary for all of us. She is walking but needs to be confined and I have been up every night with her, she is so worth it, but it has been 18 years since I had a little one to get up for...I am quite the dope at night!

We are going to be visiting family in PA for 8 days. I am so excited to see the family and to go junkin'!  I hope to find some old stuff for my little booth!
Have I shown you this awesome chair?  My friend found it on someone's lawn. The lady told her it had a matching chair and loveseat but someone had already gotten it.  My friend's hubby doesn't like it so she sold it to lucky ole me!  It needs to be recovered , I am thinking linen...nice and neutral...It is cheaper than grainsacks and grain sack pillows look great with it.  But do I keep it or sell it...Oh the decisions!
Well, here's hoping little Squeak keeps healing, the junkin' is good and we all (you too!) stay healthy and happy!  Talk to you soon!


Pallas said...

Poor puppy probably will never go near another cat. Hope he recovers fully. Have a nice vacation, and I'm thinking you will find real treasures too.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Aaack! I LOVE your chair!! Even was on somebody's lawn! It amazes me what people put out on their lawn. To this day, I have a BEAUTIFUL chair that was getting all wet, sitting in someone's greenhouse that I got for $20! Keep will can always sell it later when you come across another find.

Big (but soft) hugs to your puppy - :-)

Thanks for sharing and enjoy your trip!