Saturday, December 10, 2011

Decking the Halls...and the Bathroom...

Hello my friends....
I have been missing for quite awhile again, the ugly flu bug has hit our house twice in 5 weeks and this last time it knocked me off my feet!!! But I am back up! Cough, cough... you know how it is, gotta keep going! Especially to bring all the holiday, cough, cheer to everyone!
The above picture is a shelf in our bathroom, ignore the ugly wallpaper, we live in my mom's home and she loves it...when you are 81, it is what makes you happy!

The above picture is "cartooned" by kodak.... I am busily trying to catch up a little and started the decorating and didn't realize that little plate was crooked when I photographed this little vignette but I wanted SOMETHING to show you, so I cartooned it!

I also have been trying to create goodies, I try to make one special something for our home and little gifties for friends and family... I finished an ornament wreath last night, something I have wanted to make for a couple of years now. I love it! I will photograph it in natural light so you can see it. I want to make more!

The little house on the outside of this gift is an ornament I made for a friends' sweet grandbaby.

I saw something similar in the Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Crafts magazine and had to give it a try. I thought it came out pretty cute, especially because my sewing skills are basically non-existent!

I hope you are having fun with your family and friends. Create memories and don't get too stressed! Have a warm and cozy week! karen....

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