Friday, August 3, 2012

Cherub Sinks, Ladderback chairs and Green Toilets OH MY!

 Here is my newest find and boy did it have a story!  It is now cleaned up and ready to go into my booth...
I saw it at a garage sale and asked a lady about it and she started yelling for her sister to come out and tell me the "story"
Apparently this sink was pulled out of the Chanel store in Beverly Hills in the 70's.  The woman's father was a contractor and was commissioned to re-do the bathrooms in the Chanel building. In this bathroom, he pulled out this Italian cherub sink and a green toilet.
The woman proceeded to tell me " So Dad, pulled out the sink and toilet and immediately installed the  green toilet in our bathroom and put this sink on the shelf for the next 40+ yrs.  Well, when my sister was a teenager, she had a terrible bladder infection and the dr. chastized her because she hadn't gotten in sooner. Well my sister told him ' I didn't know I was sick because our toilet is green!'
and then she finished the story with " So the moral of the story is never pee in a green toilet!"
So now you have it! The story of the cherub sink and the green toilet!
I just love this sink... hope someone else does too!

 These are two ladderback chairs I picked up that once had rush seats...
I painted them with Anne Sloan robins egg and clear wax and added some pretty vintage barkcloth...they are also going to the booth today...

And on a more serious note:
This sweet little girl is Bailey Rose.  She is very sick right now in ICU.
She had back surgery last year for spinal fusion and she ended up with a severe infection. Yesterday they removed the rod but her body is in shock from the surgery and infection and she is on a ventilator and is very ill.  If you pray, or believe in positive thoughts or whatever good thoughts you can send to sweet Bailey and her family it would be much appreciated.  She is very special!

Have a great weekend and remember...don't pee in a green toilet!
 I am joining Common Ground for their wonderful Vintage Inspiration Party...go visit, you will love it!


Michael Fenwick said...

I have the exact same sink. Have you had it appraised?

Rose said...

Would love to hear how you converted the seat bottoms of the chair. I have a set of these and I want to do the same thing. Thank you! They look great.