Monday, March 5, 2012

Flying doors, Oh my!

I did it! I have moved into my space at Country Roads! We only had 3 short weeks to get it all done (shopping, preparing items, pricing and moving in) and it isn't perfect but I am still happy!
Saturday was quite an adventure! We hired our son and his friend with a truck to help and to also drive out some of our wares... One of our big pieces was an old hoosier style cabinet- bright red.
Well, apparently if you drive down the 405fwy at Studebaker, you will find the door to said cute red hoosier! Imagine what went through my mind when my son called to tell me it flew off!
Yes...some @#%&'s came out, but luckily nobody was hurt...
It also came off cleanly so I will add a cute curtain and it will still be darling. It wouldn't have fit anyway so we have time to get it ready to move in when that darling bed and dresser sell.

Well, I just woke up and need to get ready for work, but I wanted to share my new adventure with you.... a dream of mine and it is coming true. I am so glad we are taking the leap and my family has been with me the whole time, supporting me.... I am a lucky girl!
Happy Monday...and if I wrote anything wonky..I am not awake so I am not resposible for my actions...hee! hee! karen.....

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Sue said...

I am SO slow sometimes! I didn't "get" that YOU are Recycled Rita! Guess there is a reason I'm blonde ;0)

Take care,