Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Red, White and Blue!

Sorry for the darkness of the above picture, my point and shoot camera takes terrible inside pics. This is a little vignette on our coffee table, some are new finds and the blue and white pieces were gifts from my dad to my mom years ago...
The last few weeks have been up and down...we wound down the school year and ended on the 23rd. A couple of days before the end of school, our principal planned a turnover of some of his staff- me included. It didn't work, but still hurt and started our summer off with a punch in the gutt! We spent our first days off meeting with our union and gathering all our info...not fun!
But..... on a fun note! I have gotten some wonderful things thrifting lately!
I LOVE these scalloped trays and found the red stars and shell balls at a different thrift store

I also got the bust and the flower hat at the same thrift store...and that little Marie mirror at my local flea.... I will sell the hat on my etsy, it is filled with flowers but the rest of the treasures will stay with me. My intention was to sell the larger tray but I am so in love with them, I don't think I can part with it!
Summer school starts on July 7th, I am hoping to take the kids to the beach after school some days and enjoy some crafting...
Soon I will be adding some creations to my etsy and I also post on the petite inspiration swap that I did...
Hope your 4th is safe and happy...I am off to boil some ribs for bbq and make some pasta salad!
Hugs! karen.....


Connie said...

Beautiful, sugar! And the beach sounds like a good idea to me. Sad about the school principal though. It would be tough for me also to go back to work there.

Maija said...

Sorry about the work news- that sucks!

Enjoy your holiday with family and friends!!

nancarts said...

Hope your 4th was a fun day!
I am at the beach for a weeks vacation! but the weaather hasn't been nice...HA! sun is hiding.
I love your jars and bottles, I am also a collector of old jars!
Sorry about the job situation, am sure things will be better soon.
Have a great Monday, friend.

Smiles and Blessings,