Sunday, July 25, 2010

Creatin' and Shoppin' the Flea......

I first wanted to let you all know that I am participating in Etsy's Christmas in July sale and all items in my etsy have free shipping.... now thru July 31st!

I have been really busy lately .... our camping trip was fun- it was so beautiful up in the mountains. I am working summer school so that is always busy. We had our car, fridge and dryer all break down....we are past most of that now.... and I have been a creatin' fool!

The picture below is a sneak peek of our vintage vacation swap. My partner and I just mailed out so I will share the rest with you soon but here is a little something, something......

Today I went to my little Flea Market.... I had such a fun time...just me, wandering around at my own pace. I stayed mostly with $1 finds because that is what fits my budget, but I love what I got! Here is everything together:

I love that Biscuit tin..only $1! And the doll sweet!

Here are the pretty paper items I got:

I love vintage prayer cards and some fun italian papers and a bathing beauty and baby postcard... I can't wait to make new things with these lovelies!

And buttons! I love me some buttons!

I also got a handful of mother of pearl them too!
For some reason the same picture loaded twice... so you can see all my finds again!

Well, I am off to start dinner and hopefully create something new! Have a Happy start to your week! karen......


kandeland said...

good flea market finds!
and I love your sneak peek for the VV swap! have a great week!
xo natalea

Nicole Maki said...

Wow! Great vintage finds.

I really love the peak of what you made for your swap. It looks very cool.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

That peek of your swap looks SO SO CUTE!!! I can't wait to see...

Love all of your treasures.