Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Have I shown you these cute slippers? My secret santa gave them to me (from work) I love them...they are a permanent fixture for me when I get home and can settle down.
Well, I guess I should warn you....this post is just pitiful!
No interesting pictures just promises of some to come. I was in a swap with the lovely Carolyn from England and I need to show you my goodies.
My hubby bought me some pretty jewelry from Robin. The funny thing is I was describing a bracelet that I wanted... "Vintage findings, mother of pearl buttons, pearls..." and she held up a piece of a bracelet she had partially made which had all of those elements! Kinda freaky! But you can click on her name and go visit the post titled commission and you will see my new bauble...I just love it!!!
Anywhoooo! I have been busy looking after my cute mommy, she is doing much better but still needs to do some healing and go to visit the heart specialist. I am also back at work, I love what I do but when you are worried about someone at home it is harder to focus...
So that said, I will probably be in and out over the next couple of weeks...bear with me, I love all my bloggers so! I love your are wonderful!
I am also in a fat book hosted by the wonderful Dede Warren...A vintage valentines book. What a great project to help quell the worries!
Talk to you soon! karen....


LiLi M. said...

Lucky girl I love 'your' bracelet!

robin dudley-howes said...


I giggled when I saw your feet!!! That's funny. I love the swap your in. I bet it's gonna be good! Hope mom is okay and thanks for the plug! (how much do i owe ya! he,he)


Melissa M said...

Hello Karen, I came across your blog when visiting Kecia's blog. Your slippers look so comfy. I too am in the Vintage Valentine fat book swap Dede is hosting. That's great to come across another participant.