Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just a Quick Hi!

I took these pictures a couple of days ago to share with you...I am making an effort to blog more consistantly. The hat is the second hat purchase I made from ebay to use in my art. I love it. Although the person I bought it from literally packed it in a paper grocery sack, taped the top and wrote the address on was quite squished when I got it. Thank goodness I don't want to wear it....

The bottles were a "gift". A friend at work said, "I have some slips from my mother in law that I thought you might want the lace off and then there is this... don't be offended," she said and opened this little treasure! Offended???? They are perfume bottles with crowns for tops...I was giddy! The little square powder bottle is darling also, I think it will go into a bottle set for my etsy.
Well, I had two close-ups of the hat and bottles but blogger doesn't seem to want me to put them on tonite. I guess I will try again another time!
Have a great night! karen.....

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