Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One last view around the house......

I know this is not my standard picture but this is a sight you will see frequently in our house....Mila into everything....this paper bag is actually holding magazines that my mom was sorting thru to share with a friend and guess who snagged it ....watch your feet! she will attack! Luckily she is usually good about keeping her claws in but boy is she the rascal!!!

Anyway, my sweet girl is down with the flu... hopefully not the swine flu but I think it is...she has all the symptoms and her friend has a confirmed case...Boo!
I will be taking down halloween but wanted to show you some pics from around the house before I do....I had these done last week but then couldn't find them on the darn computer...of course I blame the computer because I'm not lame or anything??!!! hee! hee!

I found some cool Martha Stewart glitter stickers of ravens and owls and added them to a couple of things...the pumpkin above and the glass beaker 2 pics ago....she has such a fun line...I find something almost every season or holiday that I like of hers!
Well, I am off to take sickie's temperature and administer tylenol and tlc...although she is being quite the troll so the tlc part has been a bit difficult..... Wish me luck! I will check in soon!
karen...aka nursemaid......


Diane said...

So fun to see your Halloween "goodies"...can you believe I never even got mine out...just never had time and liked how my fall decorations looked....sorry to hear you sweet one has the flu...it has been hitting hard here in Michigan, too!

Leann said...

Hi Karen

So glad that you stopped by and decided to become a follower. After poking around your blog, I know that you and I will be fast friends.

Good Luck with your sick girl!